HipSci cell lines are available from ECACC

The first five IPS cell lines from HipSci are now available from ECACC. Scientists can now obtain quality-certified HipSci cell lines to conduct their own academic research.

Take a look at the ECACC website to see the HipSci collection.

HipSci has a banking arrangement with ECACC (European Collection of Cell Cultures) for distribution of all our IPS cell lines to academic researchers. This first release of five cell lines is just the start of our commitment to making all HipSci IPS cell lines available in this way. Over 50 additional lines are going through final tests prior to making them available.

HipSci has a separate banking arrangement with EBiSC for the disribution of some cell lines to commercial (as well as academic) researchers. If you are a commercial researcher then check back here soon for further announcements.

Cells lines in our HipSci data browser are marked with their current ‘banking status’. You can filter to display only lines that are currently available from ECACC.

If you require a large panel of different HipSci lines (20 plus) then contact ECACC (culturecollections@phe.gov.uk) for a special quotation.