HipSci has established a banking arrangement with ECACC for distribution of cell lines to academic researchers, and have run a training course on using HipSci cells with ECACC and potential downstream users. We also have an agreement with EBiSC for future distribution to commercial (as well as academic) researchers

Banking status in the data browser

Cells lines in the HipSci data browser are marked with their current ‘banking status’

  • Banked at ECACC: Cell lines that are available from the European Collection of Cell Cultures
  • Banked at EBiSC: Cell lines that are available from the European Bank for induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Selected for banking: Cell lines that have passed HipSci’s QC standards, and will continue in the pipeline towards being frozen down and banked at ECACC or EBiSC.
  • Pending selection: Cell lines yet to undergo QC, or cell lines awaiting a decision on whether they will get banked. Typically, HipSci derives two or three candidate iPS cell lines for each donor, only one of which will be selected for banking.
  • Not selected: Cell lines which will not ever be availble from a bank. Typically, this means another cell line from the same donor has been preferentially selected.