How do I find a cell line with specific criteria in mind?

The HipSci cell line and data browser, allows you to filter and select a line with a number of different properties.

1.Filtering for other properties

The browser contains a wealth of information that you can use to identify lines with specific features you may be seeking.

2.Viewing the full browser versus only ‘selected lines’

As soon as the browser is launched, you will see it only displays the lines that have been ‘selected’ for banking (definitions of our terminology can be found here).

If you are looking for information on lines that have not yet reached this stage, uncheck the box labelled “Display only lines that are selected for banking” on the top left hand side

This will now show you information on everything in the catalogue. It is unlikely that you will need to uncheck this box, unless you are a clinical sample provider looking to see which donors have made it to the different parts of the pipeline.