How do I find and download open access data files?


In the cell line and data browser, the files tab shows a complete list of all available data. You can click on the filters to limit the data listed in the table, e.g. to show just data for your preferred assay type, or cell line growing conditions.

The “archive” column tells you where the data is archived. Data are available from different specialist archives, depending on the data type and assay type. For example, all managed access data is at EGA, a specialist archive for secure sharing of genetic data. Open access whole exome sequencing is archived in the ENA; gene expresssion data is archived in ArrayExpress; and proteomics data is archived in PRIDE.

Download open-access data

HipSci’s open access data sets may be freely downloaded by anybody, so there is no requirement to register for access. You can discover open access data by clicking on the “Open access” filter in the HipSci files table.

There are many different tools available to download data files by FTP - the computer you use probably has a download tool already installed. Some of HipSci’s data files are very large - possibly several gigabytes. If you have experience, then we recommend downloading large files from a command line tool, or with a FTP client such as Filezilla.

You can also try downloading the files using your favourite web browser by first clicking on the file download link then:

  • In Firefox, right-click on the file download link, and select “save link as” from the menu.
  • In Safari, right-click on the link and select “Download linked file”
  • In Chrome, right-click on the link and select “Save link as”

The download client you use might ask you for a user name and password. Select to connect as a guest, if you see that option. Alternatively, enter “anonymous” for both the user name and the password. If you are having any trouble downloading a file, then email us at and we will help you with the download.