Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Initiative

HipSci brings together diverse constituents in genomics, proteomics, cell biology and clinical genetics to create a global iPS cell resource

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Hundreds of iPSC lines derived from healthy and rare disease donors.

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Extensive characterisation data available for all iPSC lines

About HipSci

The Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Initiative (HipSci) is generating a large, high-quality reference panel of human iPSC lines for the research community.

HipSci stands apart from other iPSC projects in a number of respects:

  • Magnitude – HipSci is systematically generating iPSCs from hundreds of donors using a standardised experimental pipeline.
  • Cell line availability – HipSci’s cell lines are produced as a global iPSC resource. The cell lines are readily available from two cell banks (ECACC and EBiSC), for use by the wider research community.
  • Cohorts – HipSci’s reference panel comprises hundreds of cell lines from phenotypically healthy donors, plus several cohorts of donors with inherited genetic diseases.
  • The data – – Each line generated is extensively characterised. Assays include genotyping by array, expression array, methylation array, RNA-seq, Exome-seq, proteomics mass spectrometry, and high content cellular phenotyping.

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